Spending days, weeks and sometimes months at sea can be a serious obstacle to the provisions on board. Once the necessary loading or unloading operations have started, the master may return to filling the stocks along your ship. This is done by means of a Ship Chandler Chiba. Doing so will save you time and money. Ship Chandler Chiba holds stock of ship hardware items, chemicals, kitchen equipment and supplies, charts and binoculars, paint and varnish, chip breakers and scrapers, lubricants, food and beverages, and other items, and more. Believing that people are the most important resource in the world, Ship Chandler Chiba continues to grow consistently with family member employees without compromising honesty and honesty. Ship Chandler Chiba develops and renews itself with every new project. By closely following the developments and new trends in the world and especially in Japan; analyze every detail related to their field of activity. Ship Chandler Chiba is an option to consider if you want a team that knows your quality, product range and needs. Ship Chandler Chiba are ready to work for you and ensure that your ship is always delivered ahead of time and within budget.


MEAT Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal  POULTRY Poultry, Delicatessen FISH All Kind of Fish FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Fresh – Frozen – Canned – Dry DAIRY PRODUCTS Oil, Butter, Cheese, Milk, Yoghurt, Cream, Icecream GRAIN PRODUCTS Pasta, Flour, Noodles, Bread, Biscuits, Cakes & Pies SUGAR AND SWEETS Sugar, Jam Jellies, Honey, Pudding SOUP AND SAUCES Preparred Soups in Powder, Canned, Sauces and Extracts SPICES Dry, Fresh, Ground, Whole ORIENTAL FOOD Chinese, Indian, Japanese SOFT DRINKS AND BEVERAGES Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices, Water ALCOHOLICS BEVERAGES Whisky, Liquors, Brandy, BEERS


Cloth and linen products, Tableware and Galley equipment, Chemicals & Cleaning products, Lashing equipments, Safety & Fire Fighting Equipments, Charts & Nautical publications, Instruments & Equipments, for Navigation & Bridge Medical Supplies Tools, hand, electrical & pneumatic All metals in sheets, bars, pipes Couplings & Fittings for all applications Pumps & Valves, all types and materials General Electrical Supplies Packings and Jointings


FIRE FIGHTING Inspection of all types fire extinguishers Spares for extinguishers and systems on stock Foam sample analyses RESCUE Inspection of all brands of life rafts, rescue boats and davits Inspection of lifejackets and immersion suits Inspection of hospital resuscitation Refill / hydro testing of oxygen bottles SAFETY Calibration of portable gas detectors and fixed system Inspection of breathing protection and EEBD’s Inspection of temperature and pressure equipment Inspection of UTI and MMC


Acid and chemical resistant equipment’s. Large selection and availability of safety cloths. Professional working cloths for officers and crew with possibility to add the Company logo. Stock management on behalf of shipowners, dedicated shipments and deliveries to the vessels. Professional working clothes also with logo Uniforms. Hands protection. Body protection. Working shoes and boots. Head protection Eyes and ears protection Air masks and breathing equipment’s Safety harnesses Firefighting materials.

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